A unique experience of sailing in the Ionian Islands.

Explore the beautiful beaches of Corfu, Paxos and Lefkas that only by sailing boat one can visit



Our Story

Sail The Ionian Sea Ltd. is a family bussiness created in 2004. The founder of the company Nondas Parisis ia a man that knows the sea's secrets really well. The first boat was bought in 2004 with the name MASTEF...

Our Boats

Mastef is the first boat of the company. Even though it was bought in 2004, Mastef is in an excellent condition and a well-mainted boat. 


Top 5 beaches in Corfu

Corfu is an island with such a distinct elegance and cosmopolitan feeling. It is an island that combines the wild nature scenery for the travelers and the luxurious beaches for the more demanding. The following are a selection of the most distinct beaches of the island...