Sail The Ionian Sea is a family company created in 2004. The founder of the company Nondas Parisis is a man that knows the sea's secrets really well and has an experience of more than 40 years as a former officer of the Greek navy and a skipper that has worked in Greece and abroad. The company has been taken over in 2016 by his son Stelios Parisis. Stelios is an experienced sailor and a chief officer in the merchant marine industry and ready to continue the family business’ tradition that it is based on the owners’ professional experience.

 We manage to maintain our fleet in very good shape and high standards as our goal is to offer our clients boats in top quality, cleanliness, and comfort. Our helpful team is any time there for you and they are ready to assist you from the time of your arrival up to the end of your trip. Sail The Ionian Sea is trying to preserve the tradition of yachting by offering excellent quality and services to the customers in order to have a collaboration that will be renewed every year.


Stelios Parisis: Yachts' owner and charter manager.

Nondas Parisis: Base manager and yachts' maintenance manager.

Anthie Parisi: Customer Service, front office attendant and welcome staff.